Monday, November 1, 2010


November Greetings to you all.

How blessed are we to be individual (yes I know we are all One). But I mean from the aspect of being able to be in a different space within ourselves from that of another. During this transition period that is so commonly spoken of these days one could be experiencing something totally removed from that of thy neighbour. Yet, I sort of get this feeling that deep down inside we are all reaching into that same place. That place where the soul is struggling big time with the changes on the planet and the changes of the self. We are told it is ok. We are told these things are quite normal. NORMAL! NORMAL!!! AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!

Wanting to disappear into oblivion far far away from the crowds … this is NORMAL? Calling out to the heavens … continually questioning if everyone moved and no one told you … that’s NORMAL? Longing to be somewhere/anywhere that will remove this hankering to shout from the roof tops ‘ Beam me up Scottie! Wanting to dissolve into tears at the drop of a hat, just because someone mentions the words ‘Going home’. This is NORMAL? … Oh good! Because for a moment there I really thought I was losing the plot! I thought perhaps my marbles had been scattered so far apart that they may never ever be retrieved! I was beginning to wonder if the soul that I thought I had discovered … the ME that I had once known and Loved had taken a long walk of a short cliff and couldn’t find the ladder back up!

And one more thing if anyone is listening … any one that is that is in the KNOW … anyone ‘up there’ who hasn’t moved without leaving a forwarding address … How long … just HOW LONG EXACTLY are we supposed to smile throughout it all and explain to those who think we are a sandwich short of a picnic anyway, that it’s just a sign of the times. All will be well when the Ascension has taken place! PLEASE!!

I feel I am answered with yet another question ‘How long is a piece of string?’ And I guess the answer to that is ‘as long as it is needed to be for whatever purpose it is required!’

We HAVE to admit that something HUGE is going on with our souls … don’t we? Do you? Do you feel it like me? Do you FEEL this change that is causing you to lie awake at night and from the depths of your BEING ask … ask whoever/whatever floats your boat … show me? Show me the way. Show me something that makes sense to all this. Show me what you want me to do, rather than just wake up tomorrow and find that by the end of the evening I have made it through yet another day.

This FEELING will change. I KNOW IT will. For me it is literally like a pain, yet not the kind that any aspirin will take away. It is like a world pain that I am sharing with many others. A pain that somehow FEELS like a dissolving of all that no longer serves. A letting go of everything that holds us back. It is as if our very core is being churned up and can find nowhere to settle.

So once again I ask … HOW LONG must we FEEL this?

Until it is done.

A seed that is planted deep into the soils does not present itself in full bloom over night. It takes time to absorb the tender nurturing as it is encouraged to grow. When ready it will surface, not as a forceful statement … but gently presenting its bud … unnoticed … through the darkness, and suddenly … AH! That Light from above touches it. It feels as if for the first time … warmth penetrate its centre. It is uplifted. It finds renewed strength to climb higher to meet that sunlight. And in doing so, all within that bud is preparing to open up. To reveal itself to the world in all its beauty. The journey was long, but the FINAL outcome was worth the wait. Worth every movement made to reach that goal. And there it may now reside, with nothing to do other than simply BE itself.

Lovely! Very nice! And that will take … how long … roughly!!!????

Hang on in there peoples. This ride may appear awesome one minute, treacherous the next. Boring one day, fun filled the next. But I figure one thing is for sure … it is advisable to take your travel sickness pills and fasten your safety belts real tight when travelling at the speed of Light!

Moving on …

I have had many emails letting me know about an 11.11. Global link up. As White Cloud so rightly says in the YouTube’s, it is something we should be doing every day. But until we are in/of that place full time, these link ups I feel are leading us in the right direction. So if you care to join in … here is the link needed


I am doing another White Cloud evening this Friday (as the last one had enough on the waiting list to do it again) How lovely. So I hope to be putting that up. I am so very happy that he is able to reach souls in this way.

I am also hoping to do a channelling in the next few days, but of course I will let you know as soon as it is up.

Readings are available should you require one:

Donations put a huge smile on my face and in my heart, especially ones over $100,000,000!

Well done for making it this far … not in life, but to the end of this newsletter!!

I’ll see you when we get there if I don’t meet you along the way! And we will be shimmering in

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays.


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