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White Cloud and Blossom
spiritual reality

white cloudHaving been interested in the spiritualist movement since my early twenties, I was told by many a guided soul that I had with me a Native American spirit to protect me. As time progressed and my knowledge grew I found my gift of healing.

It was during this time this Native American chappy made himself known to me. Only by vision in my minds eye at this stage and that feeling of someone standing behind your shoulder. SPOOKY? Not at all! I asked if I may know his name.

Little did I know how the two words that entered my head would become so precious. WHITE CLOUD.

Allow me to rewind ... For twenty years I had been suffering with a peculiar ailment which neither any kind of doctor or myself could put a name to, and therefore it seemed I had to be suffering from stress! The fact that in general when the symptoms arose, I was feeling positive and on top of the world, did not seem to change their attitude in any way. I saw all kinds of medical whizzes, underwent numerous tests for epilepsy, brain scans, pills and still nobody could find the answer. I seemed to be experiencing some form of attack, where I would have a series of build up symptoms, followed inevitably by collapsing into a sort of semi coma. Rather unfortunate and at times depending on where I was, rather embarrassing!

Then I met a very gifted clairvoyant. During a ‘reading' with her, White Cloud appeared and I was able to ask him questions. The attacks I was having at the time were getting me down, so I asked what was causing them. The answer was simple. Apparently I would get a build up of healing energy and because it was not being used consistently, it would reach a peak of explosion and conk me out. When I was in the collapsed state, I was aware of everything that was going on; I just couldn’t open my eyes or move, to let everybody know I was fine.

In the summer of ’99, once again I was suffering with this mystery. The same clairvoyant friend was staying with us and White Cloud kept appearing to her. He was opening and shutting his mouth but was becoming frustrated because he could not be heard. He asked her to ask me if I would get an exercise book and a pen and he would be able to put his words down on paper, through me! At this time in my life, things of this nature were no longer bizarre and so I did as I was asked, feeling rather excited, but also rather ridiculous! No sooner had I opened the book and picked up the pen, words came flooding into my head. He told me he would like me to start a group, named the people he would like to attend, (if they wished) and that if it was ok with me, he would like to use me as his channel and actually speak through me.

Now I had seen people channel before, but I can honestly say, it had never crossed my mind that I might be doing it. A strong feeling of trust and that this was all meant to be enabled me to continue contact with this intriguing new friend. The notebook filled with words of wisdom and encouragement leading up to our first meeting.

Although apprehensive, I knew it would be ok. I had no idea really what to do other than ask for Light and protection around us and ‘Over to you White Cloud!’ As requested we taped the meetings, which were held on a weekly basis. I was told the words recorded would become a book and that I was going to write it. How good can things get!

I have been working with White Cloud for over seven years now and have grown to Love him as my friend and colleague! – as have the souls who have taken the time to listen to him speak. He has so much Love, compassion, wisdom and Truth to share I feel honoured to be part of his work.

During the meetings, White Cloud asked to see certain souls on a one to one basis and gave them personal guidance according to whatever was happening in their lives at the time. Hence, beyond all imaginings I found myself doing ‘readings’ for all that heard about him. Eventually, I was told by him that I would have to start charging, not for my gift, but for my time, and before I knew where I was, I had become a professional medium. White Cloud told me that he and I had agreed to do this many moons ago. The ‘readings’ seemed to be so accurate and guide souls to such a degree that I soon realised that the gift I had been given was a rare jewel and to be kept polished at all times.

In the times that all this was going on, my partner Goody, son Ritchie and I had applied to emigrate to Australia. We had been fortunate enough to visit and decided that this was where we wanted to be. White Cloud had told us that it was also where we were meant to be. As always he was right, because apart from my partner and I having to get married, which was not really a necessity in our eye, we sailed through the application, whilst others with far more qualifications, and cash I might add, seemed to be turned down.
I have now lived in the merry old Land of Oz for seven years. It is my souls home. My world opened up from the day I arrived and I have not one regret. I feel SO blessed to live in such a 'Divine' place in this somewhat troubled world. My work with White Cloud has expanded beyond recognition.

I Trust if you have been guided to this site you find wisdom and strength from a wise and loving Native American spirit named White Cloud, and a middle aged woman who is happy to get his message across on this side of the veil,. As for my illness …. It disappeared the day I began writing in that little exercise book!

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