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NEW White Cloud Youtubes. 22nd Oct.‏ 2010

Hello All Light Bulbs!

Last Friday Oct 22nd I did another White Cloud evening in Cooroy. ( About half an hour from Noosa .... and that knowledge has enhanced your life ... how exactly? )

Anyway ... here is my little feathered friend once again offering his wisdom on such topics as 10-10-10 energies; Light Orbs; Unborn souls and all sorts of things that led on from the questions that were asked.

I do hope you enjoy. Please feel free to spread the links around.

Many thanks.

Keep jumping about in loads of
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Be in LOVE.

When even the most downward of days is upon you, rise above the trivialities that are presented to you, for we say to you my friends, it is nothing, it is nothing.

Let it go, remove it and come from LOVE and you will see that it has blown away before your next thought.

White Cloud: A very warm welcome to each one of you and as they say ‘silence is golden’. My friends I will just take a brief moment to open up the eyes for I prefer it that way. It takes just a moment or two for me to adjust to your eye level.

What serious faces. I am not an ogre. I am merely a soul, just the same as yourselves. It is just that you have chosen to be here at this time and I have not. And each one of you that sits in front of these eyes now, volunteered to be here. Not to be here in this room but to be upon this planet at this time. And do you know why? There’s one lady shaking her head and not one other head moved. You are here my friends to transform this planet to a New World. That is why you came.

Now that may seem a difficult task and may I say with all respect, many of you tend to make it so. Many of you allow your beings to be filled with turmoil about your day, about the work you have chosen to do, about a situation, which may I say in the grand scheme of things does not even come to the size of a pinhead and yet you make it like a mountain. Is this not so my friends? A lot of nodding now.

But the simplicity of why you are here is so beautiful. You are here to smile. It is as simple as that. To smile with your face but that smile must come from your heart. When your heart is sad is it one’s truth to put on the facade or it is one’s truth to say to another my heart is sad this day? Because if your heart is sad and your mouth is curved upwards your eyes still portray what your heart is saying.

It is my friends, imperative that you speak your truth in these days, for when you are in your truth you are doing and being what you came here for. If you are not speaking in your truth you are keeping your vibration around yourself either on the same level or you are allowing it to drop and it is important at this time that you continue to lift your vibration.

I would like you to really really understand something. This time is of great importance but it is all about being LOVE. That is all it is about, to lift this world into a higher place. A place that each of your souls is aware of and yet you know not what it is at this time.

You are light. You are Light Beings but you tend to carry a lot of heavy baggage around with you and it is time to let it go. It is time to feel, to feel in your being that LOVE that you are. It is no good to guess what light you are, to assume. It is time now to ‘feel’ because that is how you know your truth by what you are ‘feeling’.

There is so much that is going around on your internet these days and sad to say that a lot of it is fear based. There is a lot of light on one hand but there is also a lot of fear that is spreading like wildfire. Those in other realms ask you to stop taking note of this wildfire. To focus only on the LOVE and the light ,and you cannot tell me you do not know the difference between the two because your heart tells you. That feeling of,’ am I afraid? Do I like this?’ Or, ‘am I in joy?’ Keep in joy. That is why you are here. Take note of how you speak to others.

Are you in joy? So many of you, if you choose to listen, allow yourselves to remain on a vibration, that if I may say, sometimes one would almost think that if you saw it like this, that it has flat lined…that it is ‘zzzzzzzzzz’. Because you do not live in your joy. I am not saying this about everybody. I am saying this may be about souls you come across and automatically you can feel the heavy weight on their shoulders. Is it for you to say ‘I am so sorry to hear about that’ ? Or is it for you to send out to that soul your higher vibration. Your higher understanding.

Whether you like to hear this or not my friends, it is no longer a time to say ‘oh I am so sorry.’ Now a lot of you may find that a strange thing for me to say. Feeling sorry does not uplift. Feeling light hearted uplifts yourself and that soul. So bring that soul out of that quagmire by simply sending LOVE from your heart. And I tell you my friends, even though they may say that they cannot feel your LOVE, I tell you there is not one thought of LOVE that is not received. Be of your LOVE at all times…all times.

There are many times when it is not easy to be of that LOVE, many times. But you as LOVE are here to provide that LOVE at all times. We cannot stress this to you enough. It is no good just being in LOVE when you are in LOVE. Be in LOVE. When even the most downward of days is upon you rise above the trivialities that are presented to you, for we say to you my friends, it is nothing, it is nothing. Let it go, remove it and come from LOVE and you will see that it has blown away before your next thought.

By lifting your Beings in LOVE and being conscious of doing so in every moment of your day, you are not only lifting yourselves and those around you, even to the point, and some may laugh, you are lifting the vibration of the grass within your garden. The vibration of the ant that walks along your fence. Do you understand this? Everything, everything has to be lifted up with you. It cannot be that you are in a vibration of LOVE and that little ant going along is not affected by it. But if you are in a vibration of feeling very fed up and miserable, and Blossom is very aware that this happens to all of you, including herself ,many days. It is hard sometimes is it not to rise above it all? But when you are down, that ant will also be down. Everything within you impresses all that is around you. And my friends, take then your imagination to the point of everyone upon this planet sending out that vibration of LOVE.

Blossom is getting tingles all through her body. Imagine that as your truth. And that my friends, is the way that you will assist this planet Earth and all within it and upon it into higher ground. A New World where there is no place for hatred. That cannot come with you. There will be no wars. There will be no poverty. All these things that affect the whole in a downward fashion shall
be removed. Through your LOVE you can make all these problems disappear,(snaps fingers) like that. It is so.

If each soul on the planet was to change overnight and be nothing other than LOVE to themselves and to each other, would there be war, would there be poverty? Of course not. There would be only LOVE. And what a world that will be. But it is so hard to imagine from the place you are in now.

But I say to you my friends, the way that souls are awakening at this time, all is going very much according to plan. You are coming back into yourselves. Who you once were, LOVE. Before eons and eons and eons of time shattered that dream through greed … through many, many things. But I tell you, you are all walking back home. Sometimes it is a very bumpy pathway. Sometimes you get a blister on your foot and you stay at a certain place for a time. It is necessary my friends to rest and absorb that which you perhaps are learning. To assess what stage of the pathway you have walked to. And when you tire, stay still for a time. Ask. Ask and it shall be given. Ask for strength. Ask for courage. Ask for all those things you require to help you on life’s journey. It shall be given. And when you feel strong enough stand up once again and carry on.

I would like to invite you now to ask questions. I am sorry if I cannot get around everyone. And I am sorry; did I just not say one was not to say sorry? If I am unable to answer a particular question, then I simply cannot and that is that and I will say so. But if I am able to advise you, to offer you some wisdom of mine on a particular matter then I am happy to do so. But please also understand, what I say is MY truth. You might not all agree with it. It might not be YOUR truth, or YOUR truth. You will know if it is your truth by whether or not it feels alright with inside of you.

It might be you need to go home and ponder on it for a few months. To find out what you really do feel about certain matters. I cannot tell you your truth. Do you see? Only you can feel your truth within you and that is all I am asking of you to do. So who is it that shall be picked first? …. as the hands all shoot up at once!

First Question from the Audience:I have a question.

White Cloud: Certainly my friend. Welcome.

I cannot bring it to my consciousness and I guess it’s to do with the new wave of energy that’s entered the Earth at this time. People who are unaware of who they are, are they still affected by this energy?

White Cloud: Thank you, you bought it forth very well.

Audience:Thank you.

There may be some of you that know and some of you that don’t. That at this point, and Blossom is aware that not long ago, only a few weeks ago, of your tenth day, of the tenth month, of the tenth year. 10:10:10. It is what you consider to be called a stargate opening and of energies, stronger energies able to come through. And this is so. It shall be the same on 11:11:11, 12:12:12 and indeed thirteen….

(He pauses and smiles) Blossom is saying to me did you get that wrong? And I am merely grinning. These energies that are coming through can affect your being. Blossom herself has had waves when one moment she’s full of energy, she sits down and the next moment she needs to fall asleep. They are instantaneous knockouts if you like. There is a tiredness that comes upon one as the body; the energetic field is integrating with these stronger energies.

You see, these energies that are coming through are of a higher vibration than that which is here at this time. They are new energies coming through and your Being needs to adjust to them. That is why you get tired. That is why when you fall asleep these energies that you …

Blossom is seeing as I am showing to her, of one’s aura, as if these energies are coming in and mixing and merging colours, for want of a better way to explain it to you and therefore, your vibration is lifting also. It affects the little ant on the fence. It affects everything. Also I would say my friends, that it is not just that one is feeling greatly tired, there is the upside to it also. And I hope that many of you are aware of this.

If you choose to sit quietly and listen to your hearts, you can, you have, you will, feel the vibration of LOVE with inside yourself, which you have not yet experienced. It is the pure energy of LOVE connecting with the LOVE that you are within this vibration. And yet as the stronger energies come in you are saying ‘hello, it’s me! Remember me?’ because that is what you were originally, that higher vibration and you are meeting with it as you climb higher if I can put it that way.

And for those and quite rightly so, should it be that everyone on the planet would know about 10:10:10? No. And it is not necessary for them to do so. If I may, I would just like to veer this way in that so much is taking place. Those involved with sites on your internet might receive all this information about this happening and that happening and this astrologically happening and this … this … this.

Do you think if you do not know about it that you are going to be left behind? Do you think there will be a crowd of soldiers saying ‘Sorry Madam, sorry Sir, you did not know about this and you certainly didn’t do anything about that?’ Of course not! It is not about how much you know in that way. It is about simply loving. That is all you need to do.

You do not need to know all these things because they blow your head apart. They blow your head apart. And some of you feel guilty because you did not join in, in ‘ that global meditation.’ With all respect it does not matter. Do you realise that when somebody, as lovely as it is, as beautiful a thought and action as it is, organises a worldwide get together of LOVE, that is wonderful.

But do you not see this is what you should be doing every moment of your day? Not just because it is organised and ‘I must take the time to sit down and do that’. You are to become it. To BE that LOVE. So my friends with all respect to the good intentions that are put out there, and certainly they assist …let go of so much and allow yourselves to get back to being in your garden and planting seeds, to walking along your beaches.

Get off that machine. Get off it! Spend a certain amount of time of course. There is nothing wrong with knowledge but do not overload your Beings so that you are so confused you do not know what is and what is not. Be upon this Earth to live your life in joy and as much as you may find joy here and there on what is known as your YouTube’s etc, or funny little jokes, is it not better my friends to bump into one another and share a joke and laugh with another soul, not with a screen?

It cannot hear you. I am not knocking this machine because in some ways it is essential to spread the word. It is essential at this time that it is in place. But like all things, be discerning. Take time out. Time yourself. Discipline yourself. There is a lot more I could talk about regarding energies that come from there, and I will say this very briefly. It is a machine, but there are souls who, if you like (Blossom is doing a question mark to me here) are employed to send bad energies through that machine. Now that may sound … it is your truth to find out if it is your truth or not. But that is my truth to tell you that. To keep you dampened down. It is so. And many are not aware.

As you protect yourselves … there is a big discussion about whether one needs to protect themselves from negativity or whether one is simply always in the light and protected just by being a Light Being. I would say to you my friends, this is entirely up to the individual. But I personally would say that it can do you no harm to always put that light around you, even before you sit down to that machine because there is so much sadly, so much darkness that wishes to prevail. And my friends I will not go further on this matter but you would not and do not understand the levels to which they would take that. And that is all I choose to say.

But I will just quickly finish to say that those who are not aware of 10:10:10, yes they are affected by it but the difference is, is that you may say to somebody…’oh you are feeling like that, many are. They are very emotional at the moment, etc, etc. That is because of the 10:10:10.’ And one soul may say, ‘oh, that is wonderful that makes sense to me now, at least I know’. And another soul will say ‘what are you talking about? Don’t be so ridiculous.’ That is the only difference. That one will accept it and one will not. But it does not mean … what I am saying is, that yes, every single soul, everything that is of life, whether they know of it or not, are affected by these new energies that are coming in. Many thanks. And is there another question? Certainly. Welcome.

Question 2:Can those energies be seen?

White Cloud: For those who didn’t hear, the question was, can those energies be seen? Yes they can. Not by everybody. Blossom is seeing now as you have asked that…she is seeing it…words are very inadequate to describe visually sometimes. The word I am giving her is haze, like a haze. It that alright?

Person of the audience: Yes that’s exactly how I would describe what I have been seeing!

White Cloud: Yes I saw your face light up as I said that word. My friend, it depends and again this is another thing to think about. Because this lady has seen of that and perhaps this lady, with all respect has not, doesn’t mean that she’s a much nicer soul than you are!! Not at all. Do not be disconcerted by thinking…but that person can hear that…that person can see that…that person got told that. I can’t be very awake yet if I do not hear, see all this.

It is not about that my friends. It is not a competition. It is not about one being more advanced than the other. Each one is exactly where they are meant to be on their journey at this time. They are not a step ahead or a step behind from where they are meant to be. So do not worry about these things because some are able, because perhaps that part of their soul is more alert to being able to see the energies.

And yet for somebody else another part of their being is more aware of other things that that person who can see the energies can feel nothing whatsoever about. So do not worry about that. But yes and also I am saying to Blossom, she is seeing that it can also be seen as, and the word I want to give her is sparkles. It is glittery and that is all it is. It is of these new energies that are coming in and yes they can be seen but more so my friends, they can be felt. And that is for sure.

Another question if I may?

Question 3 :With the help of digital cameras these days, we are able to capture many light Orbs on the photographs. Can you talk to us about that please White Cloud?

White Cloud: The gentleman has talked about digital cameras and as many of you are probably aware, and know of the light orbs that can be seen on these photographs. These, I would call them are, I wish to say ‘energies’, and just before that, I came in to say ‘are spirit energies’. But I would also…Blossom is wondering why I am…she’s feeling a little funny about me saying that word ‘spirit energies’, because I would say that some are, and some are of other energies.

It does not have to be that they are simply with all respect, the grandmother of Mr Ric. And that particular light orb that may be behind his right ear as we speak, that may be of the soul energy. The energy of the soul that was once his grandmother upon this Earth plain. That can happen and many people, it is proven, can actually see faces with inside of these orbs. But also they can be seen purely as light. Little lights. Blossom is aware of a picture they had of where her husband Mr Goody keeps a horse, and there in that field when they put it on the computer was lights. Fairy lights. And that is what they were. They were nature spirits. Lights of nature spirits all throughout the field.

They can also be simply an energy of light. It does not have to belong necessarily to a particular soul that once was. It might belong to a soul that is going to be. But there are many, many different aspects towards these balls of light. And they vary greatly in size, and brightness, and colour, and numbers.

It can be that perhaps if one was to take a photograph now that the whole of this room would be filled with orbs, because there are many from other realms that also like to be in the company of light souls. Some come to learn, and some just choose to be here to give their love and help raise the energy for this night. And I have just shown…excuse me pointing…I have just shown to Blossom, that of a vast orb and to say that in your days ahead these will be regular occurrences. Vast orbs of light. And Blossom is catching her breath a little because these orbs of light, these vast orbs of light will be giving energy to you. They will be sending it. It is their job to send light energy to your beings. Out onto your planet. And I say there is no mistake when these appear.

I am laughing with Blossom to say they will not be a balloon. And many of you may know these days that lights in the sky are appearing all over, and I say from my heart in my truth, these are not, for the record, these are not balloons. And I will ask Mr Ric how we are going.

Is there one more question? Certainly.

Question 4: What is the purpose of souls that aren’t born? For example, women terminate pregnancies and that soul that was in that child…that child is not born. What is the purpose?

White Cloud:Yes I understand. Thank you.

My friend, for those I think I am saying this just to reiterate, what is the purpose of souls who perhaps are…the embryo is terminated before it is born. What is the purpose of that soul? I would say my friend, there are many, as there are many happenings, and a certain event can happen for individuals. It is for a different reason to each individual. I do not know if I have said all that correctly. In that a circumstance may happen to you Madam, and it may happen to you … the same circumstance, but it may be that it was to teach you something completely different from what it was to teach you.

I am reminding Blossom we have spoken about this a long time ago. It is in one of those piles somewhere in a question that was asked. (He points to his books) because it is that each circumstance is different. There are many different reasons why that should take place so I cannot give one particular answer. One suggestion may be that the soul of that Being needed to come into that mother for a certain amount of time.

Blossom …it is alright I have just checked with her that I say this…Blossom herself lost a child. And it was because that she needed to have a life force within her Being for a certain amount of time in order to prepare her body, to change things within her body, for me to do this. It was many years later that Blossom understood of this. And also Blossom had her journey as to what she was to get from that experience. And then that soul was to leave. It is for some souls, some mothers who are with child, they may miscarry or indeed choose to terminate that pregnancy. But my friends it doesn’t always mean that the soul was inside.

That again is a great matter of discussion. It can be that the soul that has chosen to come to a particular woman can come in and out, and in and out, to adjust for themselves and to be connected with the soul of that mother. But then it may need to return for a while because it is a funny place to be compared to where they are. And it may be that that mother who is with child, the soul does not come anywhere near because there is a resistance. It knows that it is to come back to learn many things. It has been decided and discussed. But there is a resistance and it may be that it is, as one is pushing that baby through the birth canal, it may be that spirits are gently pushing that soul to say ‘it is time now. It is time.’ and they come in at the last moment.

It may be that a soul will come in and connect and then choose to leave for reasons of itself, for itself, and reasons to assist the entire family that it did not fully co-join with. The effect of that not taking place may or may not part that family or it may bring them together.

These things are not haphazard my friends. There are no accidents. All these things are part of the Divine plan. May I say, when you asked what happens to a soul … they simply return to … what? To the place where they were residing. Because it does not mean … you may think upon it as a little baby soul that is coming in, whereas I am showing to Blossom now a 120 year old, old man.

Somebody wrote to Blossom today and said … (this somebody will be very pleased because they said could you ask White Cloud what is the difference between old souls and young souls.) If we are all from the same place, how can there be old souls and young souls? That is a simple one. It is how many times that soul has been on planet Earth, or indeed on other planets. But when a baby is born sometimes you can see the wisdom, his old face. All the wrinkles of the old from when he left before.

New souls, young souls have not a wrinkle upon them. There are babies coming now that many of you know about. They have been doing so…I am saying to Blossom for the last, at least 50 years. And they are called The Indigo children. The star children.

They are new souls and yet by their wisdom you would consider them to be very ancient. But then we could go into matters that we are all ancient if you see? But these souls are recognisable, not only by the light in their e
yes but by the truth in their hearts. Their knowledge that they bring through, has you falling on the floor with your mouths wide open because of the wisdom. Because of their intelligence regarding truths. It does not matter whether they can put two and two together or whether they can spell ‘su’…

Blossom is saying ‘do not even attempt that’ because I was going to say of a long word of a song that Mary Poppins sang …’supercala etc.’ Blossom said ‘ no we will trip over our tongue , or her tongue. And so these things are unimportant. But what these children bring through, the new children, they are your teachers. They, as the years go by, are and will still, become your teachers. And I say to you my friends, listen to them. Listen to them with your hearts. Because they know what they are talking about. Many thanks to you.

Is it time now Mr Ric? It is funny you know. Sometimes my little friend Blossom, before we are to do an evening such as this, she has a little pounding in her heart, and she says ‘you are going to be there, aren’t you? ‘ And she says ‘what are you going to talk about?’ And she never knows. But she has to trust me. I say to her ‘Have I ever let you down?’ And she says ‘No.’ She says ‘Have I ever let you down?’ And I say ‘No.’ It is about trust in yourself. Trust in all that you know to be of love that is around you and within you. Trust that little voice you hear for if you are in love, that little voice can only be from love. And if it is not your heart will let you know straight away, so do not trust that, but listen to your heart. It will tell you of the love that you are. As One with everything and everybody. That One energy of love. That is what you are. Know of this as my truth and you decide my friends, whether or not it is yours. So now it is time for me to take my leave and as always I would like to finish with the blessing. From me, my friends, thank you so much for coming here to listen to what I have to say and let me say that all the love that I see from your eyes to mine fills my Being with so much hope for your planet and all that are upon it. We are getting there my friends, we are getting there.

We give thanks to the Divine oneness for allowing this meeting to take place. We ask always that we may remain humble in order to serve and to receive and that we may continue to walk boldly as the light and love. Adieu my friends. Adieu.

End of the channeling


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